About Allan Rankin

Island History, Public Policy, and Music


Allan Rankin is a Prince Edward Island singer-songwriter, former senior public servant, and writer. Over a career spanning more than thirty years, Allan held senior positions in the provincial government, and also worked as a policy advisor in Ottawa.

He is also a former museum director and Island historian who authored Down At the Shore, an award-winning community history of Summerside, the town where he was born and grew up..

Allan has recorded two studio albums of original songs, co-created a stage musical Maritime Star, and was a member of the Island performing groups Here On the Island and Hedgerow.

“I’ve always enjoyed variety and diversity in my life. When I got into music and song writing seriously in the early 1990s, I was the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly at the time, and some people thought it was strange and even inappropriate for a senior government official to be a performing artist. I remember a reporter at the Guardian newspaper called me the ‘singing Clerk’, kind of like the singing Nun of 1960s fame.”

“Writing has been a constant passion, whether it is historical writing, speech writing, policy, songs, and now of course, opinion pieces in a weekly newspaper.”

“The Island Heartbeat is intended to bring together some of that writing, and hopefully to shine a light, with informed commentary, humor, and a willingness to be provocative.”

“Let me know what you think.”