A New King For the Island?

In my July 26th Eastern Graphic column, I lamented that our great Island Conservative Party has failed as yet to put forward a leadership candidate who in my opinion is strong enough to defeat Premier Wade MacLauchlan and the Liberals in the next provincial election.

But I have heard rumblings that Dennis King of Georgetown is considering throwing his hat into the proverbial ring.

The celebrated author and storyteller, journalist, advisor to former Conservative Premier Pat Binns, and current Executive Director of the Seafood Processors Association of Prince Edward Island, would be a remarkable leadership candidate.

His unique spirit and authentic voice, and his ability to connect with Islanders as demonstrated through his storytelling, not to mention his deep political roots and experience, may be just what the Conservative Party needs at this time.

Have the back room gatekeepers already picked their horse, or are party members open to a gifted candidate who can draw a crowd?


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